Safety is our top priority.

Providing a safe and healthful environment for our employees, subcontractor employees, clients and general public is our top priority. We do this by complying with all local, state and federal safety standards, codes and regulations. Everyone at NVBG, including any subcontractor employees, is to operate in the safest manner possible by following all safety procedures outlined in our safety program. This includes:

• Acknowledging that having a safe environment requires effort and attention from everyone at NVBG
• Listing the specific safety responsibilities for every team member
• Holding monthly meetings to discuss pertinent safety issues, such as activities surrounding a project location or hazardous work schedules
• Keeping current Safety Data Sheets on site and requiring the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment
• Immediately dismissing any employee who violates safety rules or regulations
• Reviewing Emergency Action Plans prior to starting site work on a new project
• Ensuring that emergency equipment is located onsite
• Consistently reviewing our Emergency Medical Treatment and Inclement Weather procedures
• Training every new employee on all safety protocols
• Informing other employers and contractors of all safety protocols
• Maintaining current safety measures and training for COVID prevention and awareness for all employees


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